10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
January 30, 2016
Ashland, MO


Brian Allen

Dan Armstrong

Matt Baugh

Paul Christensen

Casey Clark

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On the distant deathworld Hel the forces of the galaxy clash in an unending war.

You have been invited to Hel

The Hel Open is a Warhammer 40,000
1,500-points tournament held over 3 rounds.
No Lords of War, no Allies,
single detachment.

Registration will begin at 9:00 am. Gaming starts at 10:00 AM with a break for lunch after the first round. A hamburger lunch will be provided for all participants.

This event is limited strictly to 32 slots. There is a cost of $20 per player. We will provide product prize support. As always everyone will go home with a prize.

Other attendees and spectators are welcome and can join us for lunch for $5.

Fully painted armies are NOT required. However, we will provide an additional prize for the most striking fully painted army.

You can pay your entry fee at the door in cash, check or credit card or via Paypal below.


Just received a series of questions and I thought I would post them here for everyone.

  • Q) Does the no LoW rule include characters such as Thraka?
    A) At this point the decision has been made to blanket-wise not allow Lords of War. Yes this does mean the individual characters.

  • Q) Does that mean the Knight codex is not allowed?
    A) I do not have the Knight Codex but I am told that the Knights in that Codex still count as Lords of War and thus are not eligible to be fielded.

  • Q) Are you allowing non LoW forgeworld?
    A) If the Forgeworld model is allowed in your codex then it will be allowed. Standalone data sheets will not be.
  • Q) Is it ITC rules?
    A) It is not ITC rules.

  • Q) Is there a formation limit with the detachment limit?
    A) Multiple Formations are not allowed. If you take a Formation it counts as your single Detachment and will not allow a Lord of War to be taken.
  • Q) Are unbound armies allowed?
    A) Unbound Armies are not allowed.
  • Q) Will detachments such as the Necron Decurion be allowed which consist of multiple formations?
    A)The Necron Decurion is comprised of multiple Formations. You are limited to a single Formation/Detachment.

  • Q) Are Fortifications allowed?
    A) if your FOC allows fortification choices they may be included (page 122). If you are taking a Detachment/Formation that does not include a fortification than you cannot.


For more information please contact hel@ragnarokon.com


If you need to contact us immediately
call 573-808-0158


Sponsored in part by Ragnarokon
Your Mid-West Gaming Convention
with special thanks to Mageling's Game
for their support.


Copper Kettle
508 E Liberty Lane
Ashland, MO

US Phone: 573/657-2722


MIchael Johnson

Josh Lewis

Mike Locke

Michael McGuiggan

Gabriel McGuiggan

Brian Russell

Joshua Eric Russell

Scott Sasser

Richard Smith

Ben Spears

Barry Walker

Avery Windau



o You must use the same army list for each game.
o Rogue Trader Tournaments are for fun, and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. You must conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring the hobby into disrepute. Conduct yourself as you would have your opponents conduct themselves.
o What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). If you wish to use an item, it must be represented on the figure. Army list choices whose models aren't available must be converted. Remember, if you are in doubt about a conversion you have done, you probably shouldn't use it! We don't want you showing up with something you can't use!
o You must bring all materials needed to play including dice, measuring devices, templates, models, and any rules that you will be using.
o New Codexes or Army books - When a new Codex or Army book is published, you must use it if it comes out 1 month or more prior to the Rogue Trader Tournament. If the book comes out less than 1 month before the RTT, you can use either the new book or the exsiting book.