Saturday May 11, 2013
12:00 - 8:00 PM

Valhallas Gate
2525 Bernadette

Columbia, Missouri


You can find more details at the
Unpub Mini Event Page.

The Unpub Mini is miniature version of
the Unpublished Games Festival run
by Cartrunk Entertainment each year.
These events bring Game Designers
who have games that need playing
together with players who want to
play new games.

4 to 6 designers will be on hand with
their new creations, ready to sit and
play their games with you. Come on out,
play some new games, talk about them
with the designers and help make
good games great!

Be part of the process that puts
new board games on your tables and

For more information, or to sign up
as a designer, contact Casey Clark.
For more information about Unpub and
to register your game contact John Moller.
Information on this and other Unpub events
can be found on

Cash or Credit -  Jerry Crowley
A family game based on your skill, strategy and luck. An exciting game of personal finance. Concept, the first player that owns a house, car, 2 credit cards (with no bills against them) and has at least $500.00 and a job, is the winner.

Corpus - PJ Shearrer
Players, using unique strategies try to overwhelm the body at a cellular level.

Feudum - Mark Swanson
Banished for unspeakable deeds, you and two mates journey to a strange land to reclaim your honor. Will you farm the earth, fight as knights or finagle your own feudums?
Whatever your fate, one thing is clear: Medieval life is not a bowl of cherry tarts. Fertile land is scarce, food is dwindling, and fanciful creatures fancy you for tea!

Luckily, not everything feudal is, ahem..futile. If you seize control of the local guilds, you could become most venerated in the kingdom.
So gather your swords and sharpen your wits, but not necessarily in that order!

Fields of War - Rodney Hussmann
Fields of War takes the strategy from table top war games and the collectable rareness from most TCG and bind them together to make a fast pace war game that's easy to play.

Hidden World - Gabriel Platner

Hopeless Happiness - Bryan Corum
The object of Hopeless Happiness - The Board Game is to close the gap on Happiness by attaining vital elements towards that quest while avoiding the unavoidable adversity inherent in one's daily existence. A combination of chance, strategy, and perspective will determine the frequency of each player's moments of Relative Momentary Happiness, and ultimately will determine the player most successful in closing the gap on Happiness. This game is based on the Philosophy of Happiness and Hope found on the weekly blog The game board is essentially ‘The Periodic Happiness Table of Elements’ found on the web site.

League of Worlds - Chris Bowling
Players represent one of four races vying to build an interstellar empire.  Each has its own special abilities and unique goals, which are achieved by expanding the number of worlds they control through settlement, trade, and conquest.  Points are scored by increasing infrastructure, population, and influence.

Near Space -Spartacus Publishing
In Near Space players take on the roles of stellar empires fighting for survival and supremacy amongst the blackness of space. 4X game that relies on deep strategies, sound tactics, and good luck!

Tau -Sparks Games
A game where everyone dies happily ever after. Tau is a quick paced role playing game that pits players against their own imaginations and each other. Powered by a unique set of playing cards you can generate characters, fight against evil and perish; all in thirty minutes or less.


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